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Turf Systems Inc. uses various different yarns in our turfs, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, as well as blends.  Although all of these yarns have their benefits, only polypropylene yarns combined with proper aggregate infills will provide all of the play dynamics associated with a "natural" putting green.  Unfortunately, the synthetic turf industry has made a move towards advocating nylon as the yarn of choice.  Although nylon putting greens will provide true roll, they lack the proper color and necessary amounts of aggregate infills to complete replicate a natural grass green.  There are no short-cuts to many things in life, and this is certainly true of synthetic putting greens. Because of this belief, we advocate the use of a tall pile height system constructed of premium grade virgin polypropylene in association with a proprietary multi-level multi-sized non silica low-density "natural look" aggregate infill, constructed over a properly drained compacted multi-level base.  The multi-level gravel base system, combined with a shock absorption pad layer makes these greens truly the most lifelike greens in the entire industry.

Having discussed some of the technical aspects of our greens, we would be remiss if we omitted the most important factor in any putting green, and that is the installation.  Turf Systems Inc. does not use a "Dealer Network".  Every green installed by us is installed by us. Your green contractor should not only possess technical knowledge but artistry and feel for the task at hand.  

It is our philosophy at Turf Systems Inc. that this can be best achieved by the individual who developed the techniques and specs previously mentioned.  It is not our intention to out produce our competition in terms of install numbers, but rather to out perform them in quality and artistry.

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